Bootcamp for Software Engineers & QA Testers

Our Bootcamps are more like a Job Training, You'll learn not only the necessary technical skills, but also the entire process of Software Development Life Cycle and industry popular Tools.

Jump Start Your High-Paying Tech Career!

Software Engineer Bootcamp Highlights

Check some of the highlights of the Software Engineering Bootcamp. You will learn Full Stack Software Engineering, using .NET Core/C# Backend and React/Angular Frontend.

Learn How Become a Software Engineer!

Learn how to use Software Development IDEs like a pro


Learn how to Debug existing/large application. This is a core skill to have as a Software Engineer!

New App Setup

Learn how to setup a new Full Stack App, the database, backend and frontend

Modify Existing Apps

This is going to be bread/butter of this bootcamp. As a new engineer, most likely you will be tasked to modify existing apps. This is a critical skill!

Agile Process

Learn the Agile process, it's is the most popular SDLC process used now

Source Control/Git

Learn How to use Source control/Git, and how it integrates with SDLC and Dev process

Unit Testing

Learn Unit Testing, not only it's required for most opportunities, but also, it makes you a more efficient Software Engineer

Team Work

Learn how Software Dev Team processes. This bootcamp will be organized into Dev Teams, just like a real job.

These are only some of the highlights, there is a lot more that goes into this bootcamp!

QA Tester Bootcamp Highlights

QA Testing, an often-overlooked career is also a lucrative career option for many tech-savvy people who have great web/research/googling skills.

It doesn’t take too much effort to become a QA Tester, however, you will still need to know the industry tools, processes and how QA integrates into Software Development Lifecycle.

The Goal with this bootcamp is to teach you everything you need to know to become a successful manual QA Tester and help you with the job search.

Learn How Become a QA Tester!

Learn how QA is done and how a QA Tester integrates into SDLC


Learn how to tools necessary to become an efficient QA


Learn how testing is done, how to read requirements and resolve assigned tasks.

Finding Bugs

Finding bugs is the core fundamental skill that a QA Tester must have. Learn how to find bugs, how to validate and report the bugs.

Agile Process

Learn the Agile process, QA Tester is also part of the Agile process.

Browser Dev-Tools

Learn how the Dev-Tools built into the browsers helps with QA Testing.

Team Work

Learn how QA Operates in a Dev Team, how to participate in agile meetings and discuss your findings.

Job Search

QA Testers are in demand, just like Software Engineers. But we will help with our unique approach to find you your first job!

These are only some of the highlights, there is a lot more that goes into this bootcamp!